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A Guide to Choosing the Best Patient Handling Train the Trainer Course

Are you involved in the healthcare industry? Have you been looking at ways to improve your patient handling skills? And perhaps to help others do so too? A naturally caring approach is common in healthcare workers, which is why many decide to train as patient handling instructors so they can help others to learn to move and handle patients effectively and safely.

If you have given this some thought but are still undecided as to what constitutes a good and reliable people handling train the trainer course, the following should help you identify the best courses on the market:

Will I receive a nationally recognised qualification?

There is no point spending hundreds of pounds on a patient and people moving train the trainer course if it will not leave you with any recognised qualifications after completion. Going on a people handling train a trainer course endorsed by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health for example will be worth more to your personal development and your employer than one that is not. Just think how impressive it would look if you had such a qualification on your CV at a time when competition for jobs is so tough.

Who runs the course?

Believe it or not, a course run by a healthcare professional is not what you should look for. Whilst a healthcare expert will of course know the industry inside out, will they really be effective teachers?

It can be hit and miss and not worth the risk. Make sure any IOSH people handling train the trainer course you sign up to is actually run by qualified instructor trainers. This will mean that the course proves interesting, interactive and relevant rather than being a dry and potentially boring communication of facts that focuses on patient handling rather than patient handling instructor training.

Do not rush into booking a patient handling instructor course just for the sake of it. There is more to choosing the right course than meets the eye. At the end of the day, if you look for a course which is taught by qualified instructors and provided by a company with a proven track record in training instructors, you should not go too far wrong.

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