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Nursing Assistant in Child Care

If you are planning a career in child care, becoming a nursing assistant can be an important step. While it may not be necessary for a position as an aide in a daycare, it could get you a better salary in that same position. While an aide may get minimum wage at the daycare, a certified nursing assistant salary starts at about $9.00 per hour.

The advantage of being a nursing assistant when doing child care is the many skills you have been taught during your training. CPR is an important skill and is part of the training. Certification can prove your ability for learning, your aptitude for stability and the talent you have for making decisions.

Nannies are in demand. More homes consist of two working parents. Having a nanny gives continuity to child care and will give the children a solid home setting. This will help them to gain confidence and trust within their lives. There is always a possibility that a prospective employer will appreciate the fact that the potential employee has made the effort to further their education and thus their ability to take care of their child.

Nursing assistant training teaches proper bathing techniques for infants and children. They will be alerted to changes in physical condition and have the ability to treat minor injuries in an effective way. Part of the training also consists of proper feeding techniques. All of the things a good child care giver must know are included in the total nursing assistant training programs.

Any further education opportunities can also be taken advantage of and will allow the assistant to be better educated in the child care field. These educational opportunities are well received by potential employers. It will give the parents of the child the feeling that their precious children are in good hands.

Training for nursing assistants is available at community colleges and healthcare facilities. The Red Cross also offers first aid courses that incorporate child care training. The opportunities for advancement are available. While most have a fee associated with them, some organizations will offer minimal classes at no charge to participants. These offers vary from place to place and it will be necessary to do an online search for organizations in your area that may offer training.

Those who choose to work in the child care field need to know the ins and outs of the field. First aid, CPR and other necessary elements of child care are necessary. It is not just something you decide to do without experience or training. There are individuals who require babysitting courses be taken before they will hire to babysit for an evening. The ability to handle emergencies is one that is valued by parents and employers.

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