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The Benefits of Business Location Intelligence Solutions

Most businesses can benefit from technological innovations that will help them better understand their business market in order to improve productivity and generate revenue. One such technological method of gathering and measuring location data to better understand markets and customers in a particular region is a term called Location Intelligence Solutions. This term refers to using specific technology such as GIS to gather relevant data that contain trustworthy location content to better understand customers, markets, and services. The ultimate goal of location intelligence solutions is to improve business performance and increase profitability.

Most businesses possess a wealth of data gathered from particular geographical locations that can be helpful in improving their bottom line. For instance, the distance between a supermarket and a residential suburb will greatly influence the number of customers coming to the store compared to another supermarket a mile or two further away. Below are a number of benefits to using Location Intelligence Solutions:

Address Verification Solutions

A business can make better decisions by utilizing Location Intelligence using such innovative technology as address verification solutions. This technology allows a business to optimize services, enrich their database creating visuals of a single address and the surrounding area, and geocoding multiple addresses of residential properties and businesses in the surrounding areas. The underlining strategy is to reach more customers and maintain current customers by using the information gathered to better analyze and implement marketing strategies in that area that will attract customers and gain a competitive edge over similar businesses in the area.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Solutions

At the heart of Location Intelligence is a Geographic Information System (GIS). This is a technological advanced system of gathering information and incorporating it for the purpose of storage, analysis, distribution, and demonstrating geographic information. GIS data can display such features as transportation networks, residential and commercial locations, elevations, terrain and other essential mapping features. A GIS will consist of a variety of mapping and data gathering technology such as remote sensing, aerial photography, land surveying, wide-ranging geographical mapping, address verification that includes postal codes, and more.

Demographic Analysis Solutions

As it relates to a business marketing strategy, businesses can use GIS systems to analyze demographic data to find regions to sell their products or services. It can help with the establishment of businesses and the state of the potential job candidates in the area. The objective of GIS is to identify new market trends from the analyzed research to grow marketing content. For instance, this can be achieved by acquiring previously unknown addresses in the location of interest which results in a customized customer prospect list. As well, it will efficiently manage address content by consolidating data to find common and contrasting addresses. As well, businesses are able to see important and relevant patterns emerging. Data collected using the Geographic Information System will help businesses acquire a better market picture much faster and easier.

Maximize Business Models

By blending applicable location content such as postal code mapping into current business strategies and workflows, location intelligence can help businesses optimize capital investments, improve compliance, and generate more revenue.

In today’s competitive business world, it makes sense for a business to identify current trends using logistic location intelligence solutions because they are better able to determine what strategies need to be implemented, as well as develop better problem solving strategies. Location Intelligence gives companies the ability to unlock their business value by leveraging location content which results in improved business performance.

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Business Location Intelligence Solutions require a postal code map, geocoding software, address verification software and location inteligence to work together for a complete package.

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